VMUG Scotland… A first for me…

It’s funny… there was a period of my career where VMware was a main focus and I’d spend countless hours implementing, supporting and upgrading the platform but I never found myself attending a VMUG. This wasn’t through lack of interest by any means… just busy, I guess.

Now that I’ve gone stagnant with the technology and it’s no longer on my radar I find myself at my first VMUG today, go figure! 🙂

The event was held in Edinburgh’s elegant Surgeon’s Hall which proved to be a bit of a maze but I managed to make registration with a minute to spare. Unfortunately I couldn’t hang around all day but the the first half was great. Very well organised with great content around what’s new and in the pipeline for vSAN, NSX and Data Recovery.

My highlight of the day was Chris Wahl’s talk on his journey to full stack engineering. I’ve been an avid listener of the Datanauts podcast since it began on PacketPushers a couple of years back and if I’m honest, seeing his name on the lineup was a clincher for registering  and taking the train through to Edinburgh. Chris talked through his life in tech, from his early beginnings of hacking games from 8 years old, through to his tough gigs like saving us all from the Y2K bug then ‘busting’ his way through many of the IT silos – giving us great insights into the wins and pitfalls of his career.

I was fortunate enough to grab some of his time, sip some coffee and talk some tech 🙂


For anyone that’s not been to a Scottish VMUG and has an interest in the technology I’d definitely recommend it. A well organised event with plenty of friendly people to mingle with and learn from.

Get signed up here:


And be sure to subscribe the Datanauts podcast:

Datanauts Podcast


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